DC’s New Handgun Law Still Unconstitutional

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Forced to respond to a Supreme Court ruling declaring the DC handgun ban unconstitutional, the DC City Council is expected to pass a bill today that will still deny full Second Amendment rights to residents!

DC officials admit they are already preparing for more legal fights as they continue to circumvent the spirit of the Court’s ruling.

The so-called legislation does not lift restrictions on semiautomatic handguns, according to the Washington Post.

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Alan Gura, the lead attorney for residents who originally challenged the ban, told the Post that the proposed rules do not comply with the Supreme Court’s decision because they do not allow for semiautomatic handguns. He added that they are clearly unconstitutional.

Expect Major Delays

Because the district has no licensed gun shops, residents who wish to purchase handguns will still have to travel to gun shops in Maryland or Virginia. In addition, they will be required to present the shop with a certified police form authorizing the dealer to ship the weapon to a federally licensed gun dealer in Washington, where the buyer would then pick it up. Currently, there is only one licensed firearms dealer in DC to can handle such a transaction, which could cause major delays!

The legislation also requires a ballistics test to establish if a handgun is stolen or has been used in a crime. Police Chief Cathy Lanier says she will limit registration to one handgun per person for the first 90 days to make sure the largest number of people can be served. Moreover, citizens who want to register a handgun must pass written and eye tests.

So, once again, DC shows its contempt for the Constitution and its citizens’ rights to defend themselves as provided under the Second Amendment. The Council makes it a difficult, inconvenience and in many cases impossible task for residents to purchase a handgun!

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