David Paulson needs to lay off the bong water

David Paulson is either or drugs or has completely lost his mind:

It’s not every day that the state Democratic Party’s communication director and one of Maryland’s most prominent Republicans agree on a party’s political fortunes. But after former Lt. Gov. Michael Steele told a crowd of Republicans that “the Republican brand quite frankly sucks,” David Paulson emailed PolitickerMD.com to express his empathy for Steele’s idea.

“I don’t disagree with Michael Steele on his low opinion of the Republican brand – it’s in the toilet for a lot of reasons,” Paulson wrote in an email to PolitickerMD.com. “But Republicans who think they only have a branding problem are fooling themselves. This isn’t a public relations problem. This is a public trust problem.”….

…”Andy Harris is just more of the same – all talk and no action, especially when it comes to gas prices,” Paulson wrote to PolitickerMD.com. “If Harris is so concerned with gas taxes why didn’t he sponsor a bill as a state senator? He has even failed to officially request that any action be taken now. Proof once again that Harris (sic) all talk and no action.”

Paulson concluded the email by criticizing Republicans even further: “Republican hypocrisy is not a branding problem. It’s more like we-can’t-believe-you-because-we-don’t-trust-you problem.”

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I mean, wow.

The Democrats in this country and this state have repeatedly found themselves to be either under some sort of cloud involving shoes, involving money stored in freezers, involving shady land deals, involving undisclosed employers, involving State Senators with drugs, involving unsafe vehicles on the road, accepting bribes, nepotism at the state and county levels, firing political appointees after spending millions to investigate Ehrlich doing the same, appointing lobbyists to patronage gigs, and nominating a pre-packaged walking, talking scandal waiting to happen for President.

And David Paulson thinks that Republicans are hypocrites that can’t be trusted. He needs to either get a mental examination, or he needs to lay off whatever substances he is currently using. Because nobody can be as self-deluded as he is.

It’s true Republicans that have a branding problem for their inability to follow their principles while governing at the national level. But I’d say we look pretty good standing next to the chain gang wandering the streets under the label of the Maryland Democratic Party these days….


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