California GOP Delivers A Great Idea

Conventional wisdom says that all national trends begin on the “left coast”. A group of California Republicans have implemented a great idea that could revive the Republican party, and the conservative movement, nationally.

The Lincoln Club of Orange County has given notice to the GOP caucuses of both houses of Congress that they will begin withholding funds if the current GOP leadership survives the November elections:

“Come Nov. 5, should the current GOP leadership in either house survive
to lead in a new Congress, the Lincoln Club of Orange County will
review the financial backing of all congressional Republicans, and we
urge others to do likewise. A GOP caucus that would re-elect such
leaders is not one we would likely continue to support. Because, simply
put, we refuse to support a permanent minority.”

There is no question that the time has come for conservative Republicans to refuse to support a party that offers little more than “Democrat light”. House members such as Rep. John Boehner (R-OH), Rep. Roy Blunt (R-MO) and the members of the appropriating class are guilty of the double sin of abandoning the principles of Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan while usurping their names. If affect, these people attempt to wrap themselves in the cloak of conservatism while defiling almost every principle that lead the GOP to a national majority.

If this action becomes a trend, the next step will be to educate and convince our socially conservative brethren to adopt a similar position. This group has been the greatest victim of the deceit of the GOP’s leadership. The party’s elected leaders pander to social conservatives by making promises of policies that cannot come to pass. It’s a win-win for the Congressional leadership; and a lose-lose for American conservatism.

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