Bigots for Kratovil

Kratovil for Congress shill “Bud the Blogger” doesn’t like Andy Harris’ pollster. Bud claims he’s gay. I say, “So What?”.

Frankie’s boy says that pollster Arthur Finkelstein “married” his long-time partner. Again, “So What?”.

Bud claims that this somehow proves that Maryland Sen. Andy Harris is not a conservative. How? When has Harris ever voted to support “gay rights”? He’s a lot farther to the right on that issue than I am; and no one has ever called me a liberal.

Bigots for Kratovil continues below the fold

The bottom line –
Kratovil and his sycophantic supporters are so worried that they can’t even come close to beating Harris that surrogates like Bud will stoop to anything. Follow their logic …

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Harris hires a pollster. He’s gay. The pollster went to Taxachusetts and “married” his boyfriend. The campaign paid the pollster. Harris must be for gay marriage.

What did Harris really do? He hired a pollster who happens to be gay.

His concern? That the pollster gives him accurate numbers and knows the kinds of questions to ask in guiding campaign strategy – NOT Harris’ stance on issues.

Put it in terms of a situation we can all relate to –

You go to the doctor and he says that you need to have surgery. He recommends a surgeon. You check him out and everything that you find shows that this surgeon is highly skilled and well regarded by the community and his peers.

WAIT! Someone you talked to said that he’s GAY! You’ll go and get a surgeon who’s not as highly skilled, not as well regarded. Why? Becuase you might wake up from the surgery and have the hots for my brother-in-law? Spare me.

Disclaimer – Do I honestly think that Frank Kratovil endorses the bigoted and asinine views of Bud? I hope not; any more than I believe that Andy Harris endorses all of the views which I espouse, or Joe Albero, or Michael Swartz ….

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