Barack Obama to Change History

I saw a humorous t-shirt today.

It said, “Barack Obama 2008 – Change History”.

Can you change history? I know you can change the future, but history is the past, something that has already occurred. Does Barack Obama know the secret of the De Lorean? If so, he certainly has my vote. Imagine a President that could go back in time and change history.

Then we would have to get into a huge philosophical discussion though about what he would use the time machine for. Would he go back in time to Austria-Hungary in the early 1900s and kill a young Adolf Hitler. At the time Hitler wouldn’t have committed any atrocities, but we know he would, so can you kill a person for future crimes. But then again, Barack Obama opposes the death penalty, no wait, he supports the death penalty but wants a moratorium, oh wait, he supports it for the most heinous crimes (sorry, he flip flopped a bit on this one).

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What would Barack Obama use that time machine for darn it? Cause I want to know. Would he go to the future and get a book that would tell him all the winning sports outcomes and bet on them all so that he could amass himself a personal fortune?

This is a difficult thing to judge because we have never had a President that could change history before. I don’t think he would go back in time to the old west and try to rescue the scientist that invented the time machine from being killed because the reality is that an African American in the “Wild West” of America’s frontier probably had very little rights or ability to move around freely, despite being a future American President. I’m sure if Obama told the townsfolk he was going to clean up America, they would hand him a broom and say he could “start by sweeping the floor.

But he could do something else with that time machine, if he even has one at all. I’ve seen a lot of elected officials break their promise. I’m still waiting for Ben Cardin’s cure for cancer. Oh if Barack doesn’t have a time machine, I’ll be really upset.

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