Will Obama Distance Himself From Dixon?

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What a difference a few days make.

Before investigators from State’s prosecutor’s office raided Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon’s home this week, thoughts about the two-year old investigation of buying practices at City Hall had almost faded into obscurity.

But now that the probe of Dixon’s conduct when she was president of the City Council is once again on the front political burner, the unanswered question not being asked openly in polite Democratic circles is will this force Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama to distance himself from Dixon — and move closer to his latest convert, ex-Hillary supporter Gov. Martin O’Malley?

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Although Dixon’s defense machine is already charging that the probe is motivated by racism and calling the investigation a witch hunt, the fact remains that even the appearance of impropriety might force Obama to reduce his number of photo-ops in Mobtown USA.

Of course, if the probe finds nothing and no charges are lodged against Dixon, then she and Obama can resume their close political friendship.

We will just have to wait and see.

What do you think?

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