Whoopty Freaking Doo

John Leopold has to be the only kind of person who desperately wants somebody (anybody) to like him or respect him, that he needs to feed off of positive press so badly that his people would submit this as a story for Political Notes:

Maryland’s delegates to the Republican National Convention have picked County Executive John R. Leopold as one of the state’s eight delegates to serve on committees convened during the convention.

Two delegates from Maryland will serve on each of the party’s four committees during the convention.

Mr. Leopold was elected to serve on the Permanent Organization Committee, the only committee of the four that he has yet to serve on.

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The Republican National Convention will be held in September in Minneapolis, where delegates are expected to formally name U.S. Sen. John McCain as the Republican nominee for president.

Let’s face it though: the only Permanent Organization John Leopold really cares about is John Leopold. Because if anybody is the antithesis of the ideals of the Republican Party, it’s him….


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