Who invited “Him” to the party?

Among the political-types in Ocean City was the State’s Comptroller, (and would-be Governor?) Peter Franchot. He was there as part of a tour across Maryland on behalf of Marylanders United to Stop Slots. They are making the rounds, and making their case, that slots in the Free State is a bad idea. At a press conference the Comptroller had on the Boardwalk, a supposed “tourist” from Las Vegas just so happened to object to what Mr. Franchot had to say. He said that if done properly, such gambling could help fund the state’s needs.

What are the odds that during those few minutes at that exact location, someone from Sin City, the Gambling Mecca of Las Vegas itself, would just so happen to be there, that they would bother to listen to the speeches, and then have the nerve to offer an opposing comment?? Wanna bet that the tourist was a plant from gambling supporters like the William Rickman family, owners of Ocean Downs? That was the grumblings heard from anti-slots people, who suspected such.

Who knows who this tourist was, but it got him some face-time from local TV reporters there to cover the press conference, who interviewed him.

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