Where Are Dixon’s Promised Tax Returns?

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Earlier this week when Baltimore Mayor Dixon lashed out at members of the media for being unfair, she promised to release her tax returns after reporters peppered her with questions about how she could afford the lavish shopping trips reported in court documents on her salary as mayor.

So far, Dixon has not kept her promise. Now, Dixon’s spokesman is saying the release of those promised returns is complicated by the fact that Dixon has filed joint returns in the past, according to the Sun.

But there could be another reason.

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The shoes, fur coats and trips outlined in court documents that Dixon received as gifts during her personal relationship with a major developer Ronald H. Lipscomb have sparked speculation that the state prosecutor could be focusing on her state taxes.

That’s because state prosecutors have subpoenaed Comptroller Peter Franchot’s office for certain tax records, according to the Sun. The same prosecutors recently nailed two of Dixon’s former associates for failing to report income and pay taxes.

So while Dixon blasted members of the media and accused them of unfair treatment, she appears to be charging them unfairly, and making it very difficult for them to do their jobs.

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