When Lightning Strikes…

Summer came early this year. We seemed to have skipped spring. Over the past several days, the temperature has consistently been above 90 and for several days hit 100. And with hot days and humid weather we get thunderstorms. Supercells. When you look on weather.com, you see these concentrated colorful masses the size of Howard County sprinting across the state. With these cells you get heavy rain, hail, lots of lightning, and an occasional tornado.

On Tuesday evening, we had some vicious lighting in our area. I think the storm more or less went around both sides of Eldersburg. I saw it to the north and I saw it to the south, but nothing over top of us. I thought that this would be a good opportunity to get some lightning photos. And being that one of my friends let me borrow his kit lens until I decide what I’m doing about replacing my broken lens, I could once again use my Nikon D40. I was taking rapid fire photos hoping to catch that quick strike and was getting nothing. I took nearly 100 straight photos of my neighbors’ houses and got nothing.

Finally I decided to ask God for some lightning. I got nothing. Okay. I haven’t been to Church in 2 weeks. I understand. Finally, I started asking him questions. I thought if I prompted him into a dialog, he’d give me some response.

“God, if Martin O’Malley is the worst Governor of Maryland during my lifetime, give me one strike.”

That was kind of a weak strike. I’ll have to assume that it was a pretty close tie between him and that guy from New York, Parris Glendening, who divorced his wife and married a girl who was his assistant and is only a couple years older than his son.

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Next question – “God, if Martin O’Malley should resign from office because of his misleading and condescending rhetoric, give me another strike.”

Oh, yeah. That’s what I’m talking about! I thought it was just bothering me. But apparently his in-your-face lies aren’t settling too well with the heavens.

“God, if Bob Ehrlich should be Governor again, let’s see another strike.”

Now that was a powerful strike!

I think He means it. Governor Bob, you heard it here. God wants you run for office again. By divine Providence, Bob Ehrlich needs to run for office and remove the devil’s henchman from the mansion.
So it works! God does talk to us. And, as you can see, God is very smart. And He doesn’t care for Martin O’Malley that much. But then again, who does?

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