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What’s A Fine When You Can Reap Millions?

In what may prove to be Maryland’s ultimate pay to play scandal, developer Edward St. John illegally paid out over $25,000 in contributions to Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley and Baltimore County Executive Jim Smith. Tack on a fine of $55,000. What’s the payoff?

For St. John’s investment of less than $100,000 (illegal contributions plus fine) he is reaping over $28 million in highway construction funds to build an interchange on I-795 near Owings Mills. This interchange will serve a commercial property being developed by St. John.

Of course, O’Malley denies that there was no quid pro quo. Perhaps. Why then would someone like St. John face the humiliation of negative press coverage and fines to ILLEGALLY funnel dollars to a governor who is rapidly being regarded as one of America’s most corrupt politicians?

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