What We Have Accomplished and the Long Road Ahead

Adam Pagnucco at the progressive oriented Maryland Politics Watch has a very good series on the Maryland blogosphere.

Here is what Pagnucco has to say about Red Maryland.

Red Maryland, possibly the most-read political blog in the state, is a seething lava-pit of ideas, criticism, debate and above all hunger. Its contributors are outsiders. They have little access to money, influential officeholders, mainstream media or any of the conventional tools of political power. All they have left are ideas – lots of them. And thousands of their readers share them with their friends and spread their message. This is exactly what William F. Buckley, Paul Weyrich, Milton Friedman and many other conservatives did before the Reagan presidency. This is how to build a movement.

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I’m honored that this little blogspot site is mentioned in the same breath as the late great William F. Buckley. It is in his tradition that we at Red Maryland stand athwart history yelling stop. We are building a movement. Whether it is Brian and Greg developing Red Maryland Radio on WAMD or my appearances on WBAL, in less than a year we have put Red Maryland on the map.

To our readers: stay hungry, get involved. William F. Buckley founded National Review in 1955, Reagan was elected 25 years later. We need not wait that long again. We must concentrate on finding and supporting conservative candidates.

However, for the foreseeable future conservatives will always be Henry V’s happy few. But we do not need complete political control to affect policy. We can break the tide of creeping collectivism, and the erosion of our liberties and values. With passage of Jessica’s Law, the thwarting of the Global Warming Solutions Act along with in-state tuition for illegal immigrants we can have an effect.

Adam goes on to call for a re-invigoration of the progressive blogosphere. I’d like to see that. As much as I disagree with Adam and Isaac, and the Free Staters, I welcome their return. Our debates with FSP have been fiery and heated, but Maryland’s political blogosphere is better off for it. Like Don Corelone said to Sollozzo I wish them luck so much as their interests don’t conflict with ours 😉

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