What Was In State Prosecutor’s Cooler?

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A reliable source has contacted Unfree State and informed us that the Maryland State Prosecutor’s cooler was filled with bottled water.

“They [Investigators] knew they would be there for a while.”

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Water cooler mystery solved!

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What was in the Maryland State Prosecutor’s cooler?

That’s the question on a lot of people’s minds after investigators for the prosecutor’s office raided Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon’s home earlier this week and emerged hours later with boxes of material and one cooler.

Over the last couple of days, online political forums and talk-radio shows like Sean & Frank’s morning show on WCBM have been a buzz with speculation as to what may have been in the prosecutor’s cooler.

Although Dixon has yet to be charged as a result of the two-year investigation, it isn’t stopping people from trying to guess the cooler’s contents.

Some callers and posters are speculating that one of Dixon’s several fur coats may have been packed away in the cooler. The fact that some reports are saying that the prosecutor’s office was interested in her coats and that fur coats are stored in cool places is adding legs to this guess.

Others speculate the cooler’s contents are cold cash, the kind that was found by the FBI agents in Rep. William Jefferson, Democratic congressman from Louisiana’s refrigerator. Still others speculate it could have been filled with anything from prime rib and choice steaks to bottles of choice liquor or wine– the possibilities are limitless.

Some say it was a hot day and the cooler simply held soft drinks for thirsty state investigators.

However, until the prosecutor’s office breaks its silence on the probe, you can expect the speculation to continue as a dark cloud hangs over the Unfree State’s largest metropolis.

What do you think was in the cooler? We’d love to know!

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