What Do Maryland Democrats Fear?

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Once upon a time on a planet far, far away, I ran for the State Central Committee as a Republican.

The reason I say it was on a planet far, far away, is because the place where I ran was Baltimore City, where Democratic judges and politicians looked upon me as some sort of alien, or even worst — a stone lunatic!

My Democratic friends all tried to convince me I was wasting my time, and that even if I were elected — which I was — Republicans had no power at all in Baltimore.

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Of course, they were right.

But I ran as a Republican because even as a young man, I had witnessed first hand the corruption and cronyism that takes hold of a place when one political party has a monopoly on power.

I decided to become a Republican because one night when I was very young, I had watched a presentation on TV during a Republican presidential convention where famous people like then body builder Arnold Schwarzenegger talked about why they decided to join the party. Schwarzenegger got my attention when he said he chose to become a Republican because he had seen first hand the failure of big, socialist government and how it killed a man’s desire to achieve and think freely.

Schwarzenegger’s words rang true to me and reminded me of what my great grandfather had told me once long ago. “None of the governments of Europe are worth a damn. I came to the United States because I am free to work, speak, own property — and not have the government running my life.”

To me this is and should always be the essence of Republicanism. So even though I knew that running as a Republican in Baltimore would be considered a bad joke by the majority, I did it anyway.

I learned a great deal from the experience. But the most important lesson I learned was that even though the Republican Party was small and weak, Democrats still watched it very carefully. And whenever we managed to recruit a young candidate who had the slightest chance of winning, the Democrats would do everything in their power to divide and conquer our party — even going as far as backing a perennial Republican candidate to beat the young turk in the primary.

They always played bare-knuckle politics, as they do today, and they never, never wanted to be in the position to share power. Let me give you an example of this today.

Even though former Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. has been out of office for almost two years, the Democratic Party and its minions continue to take shots at him every chance they can. Did you happen to read C. Fraser Smith nasty column about the former governor in the Sunday Sun? Can you believe the coverage the Sun is giving the questionable lawsuit regarding Ehrlich administration firings, even though the Democratic Party has purged Republicans for decades with impunity? And why does Gov. Martin O’Malley continue to blame the former governor for his every failure during every public speech he makes?

The question is? What is it that these Democrats who have regained their total monopoly on power fear so much?

In one word: competition.

You see, Democrats still don’t want to share power in this Unfree State, and even the possibility of a resurrected Ehrlich in 2010 drives O’Malley, Miller, C.Fraser Smith and the whole editorial board at the Sun out of their frigging minds!

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