Us Against Big Government

Unfree State

At a time when Gov. Martin O’Malley and Baltimore City Mayor Sheila Dixon refuse to cut the size of government to trim bloated budgets, the latest figures from the Census Bureau show that the number of government employees residing in Maryland is double that of the national average.

The figures also show why cutting government is an uphill battle in the Unfree State for taxpaying citizens.

In Maryland, 30% of all workers are employed by local, state or federal governments, while the national average is only 14.6%. The state’s proximity to the great Babylon on the Potomac, DC, contributes to this, with about 125,000 Marylanders employed by the feds, according to Sen. Ben Cardin.

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Still, there are about 2.8 million total Marylanders employed, which means there are a total of 840,000 government employees in the state, less federal employees, leaving about 715,000 individuals being employed by local governments as teachers, police, fire and to provide every other service for the state’s numerous jurisdictions.

So, you can begin to see that the proposition for cutting any jobs from this huge voting block could be sure political suicide, unless you really care about the future of the Unfree State, and have other voters to pull up the slack!

Two Warring Classes

While recently listening to the Ron Smith show on WBAL, I got more insight into the magnitude of this problem. He had a guest from a taxpayer’s group in Michigan, who told Smith that his state’s recent tax hikes were sending businesses and families scurrying to neighboring Indiana.

The guest added that even though the state was losing many of its most productive citizens, any attempt to reverse the tax hikes was being fought on the ground by government employee unions. He talked about how an army of union members using bullying tactics to prevent members of his tax group from getting petitions signed. The guest then summed up the essence of the struggle:

“It’s taxpayers, who are employed by the private sector or self employed, against government workers.”

This, my friends, is the struggle we now face throughout our country, and especially in the Unfree State of Maryland.

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