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Tim Russert R.I.P.


As all readers of this blog know, Tim Russert died unexpectedly today.

In this political rhetoric professor’s opinion Tim Russert, with a liberal background, was the finest political interviewer on mainstream media.

I literally never watched an interview of his and thought he was giving an easier time to someone because of the interviewee’s politics.

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Perhaps the most striking attribute of Russert the interviewer was his work ethic and preparedness. In fact, in my life, I have literally never witnessed an interviewer who was so thoroughly knowledgeable throughout every interview he did. I used to just watch him in admiring wonderment.

I had personal communication with him many years ago when I wanted to participate with him on a media matter. He did not use me, but he responded immediately in longhand.

What an exceptionally honest and decent man. He was the best at what he did.

Richard E. Vatz, Ph.D.
Towson Distinguished Professor
MCOM/COMM; University Senate; Towson University
Thomas Szasz Civil Liberties Award Winner
Associate Psychology Editor, USA Today Magazine;
Editor, Current Psychology
Towson University

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