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The blogosphere doing the local media’s job AGAIN!

Brian Griffiths is again breaking news concerning the unregistered democratic lobbyist that Governor O’Malley has appointed to the Anne Arundel County School Board. O’Malley Watch dutifully picked up the story and put it into a broader context.

Now, Ms. Birge, the unregistered democratic lobbyist in question, is trying to quell any further inquiry by insisting that the Governor’s office knew her background before she was selected.

No doubt, after all, that is how she got the job.

Brian is continuing to dig into the background of these nominees who have avoided any real public scrutiny due to the undemocratic appointment process adopted in our county. The local media, for their part, have done little to shed any light for the parents and taxpayers who will be affected by these choices.

The last thing we need on our school board is an unregistered democratic lobbyist who gives every indication of being a “button man” for Governor O’Malley and Superintendent Maxwell to push outrageous budgets and pressure responsible county leaders to raise taxes.

Good work Brian, and let’s all spread the word about this unacceptable choice being pushed on us by Governor O’Malley and his cronies on the Anne Arundel School Board Nominating Commission.

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