Talk-Show Host Lashes Out At Those ‘Prejudging Dixon’

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On his Friday afternoon drive-time show, Ed Norris, the former Baltimore City Police commissioner and now popular talk-show host on FM Talk 105.7, lashed out at those he said are prejudging Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon.

The talk-show host also scolded the media for asking Dixon questions about gifts she allegedly received from a large Baltimore developer, which was revealed in court documents obtained by the Sun.

Norris appeared to be responding to the heavy criticism he received from listeners and others regarding his friendly treatment of Dixon on his show Wednesday.

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Norris emotionally defended Dixon, who is under investigation by the state prosecutor, but has not yet been formally charged. At one point, a seemingly angry Norris characterized anyone he considered prejudging the the mayor as a “scumbag.”

Norris went on to tell his listeners that those who allegedly leaked the court documents to the media have committed a felony, and that he had suffered the same kind of unfair treatment when he came under federal investigation as police commissioner. Norris has consistently contended that the corruption charges against him were fallacious, and that he only pleaded guilty to lesser charges in order to save his family from the pain of a long, drawn out trial.

However, Norris failed to point out that Dixon has always blamed the media for her problems, and that over the years she has done little to clear up reported conflicts of interest. She has also done little to improve the transparency of Baltimore’s redevelopment.

For years, the Baltimore Development Corp., which is responsible for dibbling up millions of dollars in city loans and tax breaks to developers, has kept many of its meetings closed to the public. In fact, the organization had to be sued in order for it to comply to the state’s minimal open meeting laws.

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