Some Thoughts on Ulysses S. Currie

Do you remember SB 790, from the 2006 Session of the General Assembly? Called the Fair Share Health Care Fund Act, the bill was crafted almost exclusively to the detriment of one company: Wal-Mart Stores. Nearly every grocer in the state — from Giant Food (a division of Royal Ahold), to Safeway, to even Shoppers Food Warehouse — was firmly in favor of this bill, because they saw it as a way to thwart the growth of Wal-Mart’s burgeoning grocery business.

One of the sponsors, of course, was Senator Ulysses S. Currie. And Senator Currie, as could be expected, voted for the bill. Which was later vetoed by Governor Ehrlich (and eventually struck down by a Federal judge).

But here is the question: Was Senator Currie an active consultant for Shoppers Food Warehouse in 2006? And if so, why wasn’t this an ethics violation?

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