Smith = Wright

I think I wrote my E-List entry too soon, but at this rate, I might have to add another person. First, a big welcome back to Isaac Smith, the person I refer to as “The Certain Liberal Blogger.”

For someone who belts out the Democratic talking points on a regular basis, I was shocked when I read his post from Tuesday. If I was expecting anyone to say “let’s see how the investigation plays out,” it was him. First, Smith compared Dixon to embattled Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. He then actually dared asked, “Is it time, perhaps, for Dixon to resign?” In the matter of a few paragraphs, Smith pulled a Jeremiah Wright on Dixon, by throwing her under a bus.

This thing is still under investigation and Smith has basically prosecuted her and said she used her office for personal gain. I would expect for the Republicans to raise the ire of resignation, but not someone from within the ranks. I also have to ask, where is the loyalty in the Democratic party. It should also be noted that the Democrats have been virtually silent since the search came out last week. Normally, the party would be in full force to protect their own, but the criticism of the prosecutor who is an Ehrlich appointee barely registered a whisper.

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