Slicing up the Bologna

A couple days ago I wrote about David Paulson’s “corrections” to perceived inaccuracies in Governor Ehrlich’s pronouncements on his WBAL radio show.

I deliberately left out Paulson’s comments which contained allusions between Governor Ehrlich and the KKK as it related to a caller named Dee. Here is what Paulson wrote:

Dee (Female Caller): “I think that if he (Barack Obama) is elected President that you will have all these people coming out of the woodwork – the militants, the Muslims, the Black Panthers – and then on the white side you will have the Ku Klux Klan with the skinheads. I mean they will be empowered because they will be, all these people will be emboldened with all this hate. And I don’t see how that’s going to heal this county because, huh, this is what we’ll have to deal with. “

Mr. Ehrlich: “Dee, I wish I could clone you. I wish I could clone you(laughter). I know it’s illegal.”

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Mrs. Ehrlich: “You are an informed voter, which is what we were talking about, you have gotten into specifics.”

Prof. Vatz: “Exactly…”

The Corrections: Well, excuse me if I don’t check with the KKK or the skinheads before voting.

Are you folks kidding?

Paulson also said:

If you doubt what you’ve read or think the words have been edited out of context, I have it all recorded. Great care was taken to be faithful to the text and its meaning.

I heard the conversation quite differently and felt that Paulson did indeed yank the conversation way out of context. Since I did not have a transcript an audio version I did not mention it because I could not be sure.

However, this morning the Ehrlich’s played the ENTIRE call, and it is quite clear Paulson did indeed play editing games, leaving out the first part of Dee’s call. The first part in which Dee, a self-identified African American woman declared that she voted Republican because she did her homework by going to sources outside the mainstream media.

So it appears Paulson has a problem with African Americans who dare to think differently and refuse to toe the Democratic line.

I will admit this, Paulson did indeed take “great care” to omit and twist out of context what people said in order to make an underhanded cheap shot.

True to form, our favorite commenter showed up and quoted Paulson’s comments about the Dee call, saying “Thanks for the link.” Of course, I’m not surprised A Life Well Lived/Allwaysaround/MarylandBlue would suborn Paulson’s malfeasance as they have made a similar attack against our own Kenny Burns. It must be a Democratic Party thing.

I’m not surprised at this, as this person has a perverse interest in keeping the ugly truth about Margaret Sanger in the Orwellian memory hole.

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