Should They Clean House at the NRCC?

Josh Kahn poses some interesting questions in his post regarding the state of the National Republican Congressional Committee. He then loses it all at the end.

The NRCC has NEVER been a great source of talent for winning campaigns. The same kind of cronyism exists there as in most other areas of politics. The NRCC should be a conduit for funding, and that’s it!

Kahn is fairly on track until he discusses message:

If “traditional Republican messages” are so bad then maybe the NRCC shouldn’t have used them for their IE campaigns in all three districts. Many of the pieces they ran in these campaigns looked like they came straight from 1998, not 2008.

That’s not the problem Josh. Andy Harris swept a Republican primary (and probably a general election) using a message straight out of 1988. The difference is that Harris came into a campaign in a fairly conservative district carrying a great deal of bona fides as a true conservative.

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A Republican is not necessarily a conservative. I’ll tolerate a liberal / moderate like Wayne Gilchrest because he doesn’t lie about who he is. Of course, when a real conservative comes along and says, “I want your vote”, he’s got it.

Trying to run candidates in a cookie cutter fashion, all claiming to be “conservative” will not work. Is that because the message is wrong? Hell no! The message is fine, but the public rightfully doesn’t trust the GOP to deliver the conservative message.

I would have supported a candidate like Andy Harris no matter what line he ran on the ballot. Unfortunately, the GOP thinks that they can continue to run people like Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC) and keep getting them elected. Politicians like McHenry – who will literally say anything to get elected or curry favor with those that can help them – are now being elected by the Dems. In fact, Harris’ opponent in the general election, Frank Kratovil, is a carbon copy of McHenry, except for that he’s running on the Democrat line. Of course, the DCCC loves him!

Hopefully that cycle will end soon. However, that will simply put us on even footing with the Democrats. The public will not trust either of us.

The solution is not message, or technology. The solution is grassroots appeal to the electorate with a consistent conservative message and the willingness to start sacrificing our own GOP incumbents in order to start convincing a skeptical public that we really are the conservative party.

The majority of the electorate will not appreciate throwing out the likes of Boehner, Blunt and the GOP appropriating class. However, it will send a message to activists who will then be motivated to fight for victory. Even Reagan didn’t do it all himself.

G. A. Harrison publishes Delmarva Dealings and contributes to Salisbury News and Red Maryland.

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