Only MD Refuses To Recognize W.Va Weapon Permits

Unfree State

While 20 states now allow the 60,000 West Virginians who have been issued concealed weapon permits to legally carry hidden guns within their borders, only its neighboring state of Maryland still refuses.

According to the Charleston Gazette, the Mountain State’s legislature was directed by the Attorney General’s office last year to work out agreements with other states. Maryland’s neighboring Virginia had no problem with the request and, in fact, joined 14 other states in entering a reciprocity agreement with West Virginia.

However, Maryland would have none of it.

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Maryland’s one-party rule, anti-gun legislators are to blame. Although they often introduce bills designed to make it difficult for law bidding citizens to arm themselves as guaranteed under the Second Amendment, any legislation introduced making it easier for Marylanders to obtain conceal and carry permits is killed before it can even reach the floor.

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