O’Malley’s Losing March

How could I not have said anything sooner?

OK, one can argue that I am really spinning this one, but I would not be surprised if anyone was taking the suspension of the Sen. Hillary Clinton Presidential campaign hard it has to be Governor Martin O’Malley (D). Let’s be honest, he has made a considerable investment in campaigning for the junior Senator from New York. We all know that O’Malley always had higher aspirations. It started to really show in the later years of his time as mayor of Baltimore. I was probably the only commentator if not one of the few who dared say that the governor was making a big time investment in hopes of being mentioned as a possible running mate. The only problem is that I know the right will have a field day with him between BGE, raising taxes, MD4BUSH and the governor’s other targets. For the record, I admit that I would probably use BGE and raising taxes as reasons that he shouldn’t be a running mate.

But let’s be honest, Clinton dropping out continues the losing streak for O’Malley in a sense. Like O’Malley said earlier this year, this is the toughest year he has had in public office. He had to go around the state to convince people that he had no choice but to raise taxes (which no one is buying.) He is facing the possibility of a referendum on slots backfiring in his face this fall. Clinton dropping out officially makes it a trifecta.

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