O’Malley: ‘We’re Unafraid of Government’

Unfree State

We are unafraid of government, Gov. Martin O’Malley tells us in his latest propoganda post in the state’s official blog “One Marylander.”

“In Maryland, instead of giving up on our government,” O’Malley preaches. “We believe in making it work better for the people we serve. That’s why the Washington Post said that we in Maryland are ‘unafraid of government’ and that’s why we continue to fight to strengthen and grow our middle class, improve public safety and public education in our state, and to expand opportunity for our families.”

O’Malley makes raising the taxes of poor chumps like you and me sound like some sort of heroic action — like risking one’s life going behind enemy lines to rescue POWs. He compares confiscating more of our paychecks with fighting a noble battle against those evil, immoral folks who believe this country was founded on the principle of accumulating and keeping private property.

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Then O’Malley tells us in his tax-payer sponsored, government propoganda that he is doing this to “grow” the middle class. In other words, he’s taking more money from us, so we can prosper!

To add credibility to his fallacious argument, O’Malley then points to fawning articles from both the Baltimore Sun and the Washington Post, which are linked to the post. A perfect unity between government and big media, which would surely embarrass H. L. Mencken. — ced

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