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O’Malley Appointee Doesn’t Qualify for Office

The last time I checked, to serve on a county liquor licensing board you had to be (not only) a Maryland resident, but a resident of the county where your appointment rests. True to form, little things like this don’t bother Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley.

John Wade, who was recently disqualified as a candidate for the Princess Anne Town Commission because he failed the residency requirement, is an O’Malley appointee to the Somerset County Board of Liquor License Commissioners.

Wade has a driver’s license from Georgia, is reportedly driving a car with New Jersey tags, and reportedly has a residence in Delaware! By Somerset County standards, the man is absolutely cosmopolitan.

It seems that Wade is just one more example of the type of governance we can continue to expect from O’Malley. Let’s keep trying to raise those taxes and leave little things like the law to others.

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