Oh Olesker

Michael Olesker’s Examiner piece is laughable. Olesker may have cogent insights on some issues. However, when it comes to Bob Ehrlich he is as blinded as a hansom cab horse.

In his zealousness to jab the former Governor, Olesker forgot to mention that he indirectly owes his current gig at his “favorite newspaper” to the Ehrlich administration. After all, had Olesker been an honest observer he would not have drawn attention to the blatant plagiarism, which got him canned from his old job at that other newspaper.

Olesker mentions Joseph Steffen, yet does not mention Maryland Democratic Party apparatchik Ryan O’Doherty, better known as his nom de cyber MD4BUSH.

Olesker bemoans Ehrlich’s branding of multiculturalism as “bunk” implying that the former governor disparaged the American melting pot . However, Ehrlich always made a distinction between his affirmation of America’s multiethnic melting pot, and his warnings of the dangers of radical left wing multiculturalism, two very different things. Perhaps that difference is beyond Olesker’s comprehension. More likely, it is too inconvenient a distinction to fit inside his blinkered view of Ehrlich.

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That Olesker is miffed at Ehrlich exercising his first amendment rights proves William F. Buckley’s observation that “liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views.”

Using the language of his own pathetic defense against plagiarism: “metaphorically” speaking, Olesker must struggle “mightily” to “keep a straight face” when writing about Bob Ehrlich.

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