Oh Hillary… was it just a year ago?

With the last few Democrat primaries upon us, and hope fading fast for Hillary’s bid for the White House, Ms. Clinton is preparing for an announcement soon. Any slight hope she has is in the hands of the superdelegates, one of which just over a year ago seemed 100% behind her.

I’m talking about, of course, Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley. He welcomed her to Annapolis, and all seemed right with the (liberal) world. Certainly he will continue to support her. He wouldn’t be the kind of guy to go back on his promises, now, would he? (We won’t ask those he betrayed in the last year, including those wanting him to make good on Montgomery County school construction funds… or voters who bought into his pledge to stop the BGE rate hikes… or many others who he’s ticked off who would normally be in his corner).

Actually, maybe he does have a precedent that will give him an out if he switches his support to Obama.
He is the Teflon Leoprocan, after all.

Ah, but that wonderful day in May of last year, when it was all so nice.

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Here’s the audio of that day, full of such hope for Hillary… and her Laddie Martin…

NOTE: The audio clip is a long one, almost a half-hour long. Also note that the questions asked are mostly inaudible, although one reporter did ask the obvious question about the possibility of having Martin as her running mate. That’s a question that the O’Guv didn’t want her to answer, but we know what he hoped the unspoken answer would really be. Fat chance now, She’ll be lucky to get the Veep spot for herself.

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