Obama Would Mandate ‘Climate Change Education’

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While Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama has been speaking in platitudes and generalities during this campaign season, legislation he has introduced as a U.S. Senator speaks volumes.

Here are just the summaries of three bills Obama will most likely push, if he is elected president of the United States:

One bill would establish mandatory “climate change education,” which will certainly please Obama mentor former Vice President Al Gore. The other two include a bill that would target more federal funds to predominately black colleges, and a bill that would ease U.S. citizen background check requirements — and help pay for immigrants’ legal fees in becoming citizens.

Take a look:

S. 1389: Climate Change Education Act

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Climate Change Education Act – Requires the Director of the National Science Foundation to establish a Climate Change Education Program to: (1) broaden the understanding of climate change, possible long and short-term consequences, and potential solutions; (2) apply the latest scientific and technological discoveries to provide learning opportunities to people; and (3) emphasize actionable information to help people understand and to promote implementation of new technologies, programs, and incentives related to energy conservation, renewable energy, and greenhouse gas reduction.

Requires such Program to include: (1) a national information campaign to disseminate information on and promote implementation of the new technologies, programs, and incentives; and (2) a competitive grant program to provide grants to states, municipalities, educational institutions, and other organizations to create materials relevant to climate change and climate science, develop climate science kindergarten through grade 12 curriculum and supplementary educational materials, or publish climate change and climate science information.

S. 1513: Predominantly Black Institution Act of 2007

Predominantly Black Institution Act of 2007 – Amends the Higher Education Act of 1965 to provide grants to Predominantly Black Institutions to: (1) enhance their capacity to serve more low and middle-income African-American students; (2) expand higher education opportunities for students eligible for student assistance under title IV of the Act by encouraging such students to prepare for college and persist in secondary and postsecondary education; and (3) strengthen their financial ability to serve the academic needs of such students.

Defines such institutions as accredited institutions serving at least 1,000 undergraduate students at least: (1) 50% of whom are pursuing a bachelor’s or associate’s degree; (2) 40% of whom are African-Americans; and (3) 50% of whom are low-income or first-generation college students. Requires the spending per full-time undergraduate student of such institutions to be low in comparison to that of institutions offering similar instruction.

Allows grant recipients to use up to 20% of their grant on an endowment fund, provided they raise nonfederal matching funds at least equal to the amount of the grant used for such endowment. Allots funding among institutions on the basis of their share of Pell Grant recipients, graduates, and graduates pursuing a higher degree.

Establishes a minimum allotment for each institution of $250,000, which is to be ratably reduced if appropriations are insufficient to pay such amount.

S. 795: Citizenship Promotion Act of 2007

Amends the Immigration and Nationality Act to revise provisions respecting: (1) immigration service fees; and (2) naturalization testing.

Prohibits an applicant or petitioner for U.S. permanent residence or citizenship from being required to use an electronic method to file any application to, or access a customer account.
Requires: (1) a Government Accountability Office (GAO) study and report on naturalization background checks; and (2) the Attorney General to make reasonable efforts to complete background checks of applicants for temporary or permanent residence or citizenship within 90 days.

Directs the Secretary of Homeland Security to establish a national citizenship promotion program to assist lawful permanent resident aliens become citizens.

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