Obama: A Scandal in a Box

What is it about Barack Obama that makes him what he is? Just take a look at the people he surrounds himself with:

  • Obama fundraiser and friend Tony Rezko was convicted a few weeks back on mail fraud and wire-fraud charges surrounding pay-to-play scandal with local officials in the Chicago area;
  • Jeremiah Wright pretty much speaks for itself;
  • You have Jim Johnson in search of his Vice-Presidential search team, who as RedState’s Soren Dayton points out, has all sorts of character flaws: an old Mondale and Carter flunky, sweetheart mortgage deals, foreign agent, and disgraced-former Fannie Mae CEO.
  • And then we have Penny Prtizker, which again Soren Dayton tells us Chaired a bank that had to buy its way out of a racketeering lawsuit.

And that’s just what we know about, not counting all of his gaffes (57 states anyone?) plenty enough to seriously question the man’s judgment.

Here’s what we do know: Obama has surrounded himself with some bad people. And these are the people who he has brought along board to get him to the Oval Office. If Obama were to be elected, I cannot imagine the type of folks that he would try to put into positions of power and authority. This could make the Clinton Administration look like the minor league stuff.

Unfortunately, we have seen Barack Obama consistently lack judgment in the people he associates with in his political life. With that lack of judgment in character, it makes an Obama Presidency a pre-made scandal in a box. If he becomes President we could see the highest level of corruption in a Presidential Administration since Harding, and that’s not something our country needs at this or at any other time…

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