Now this is interesting

Isaac Smith is floating a trial balloon about the concept of far-left Democrats finding a primary challenger for Steny Hoyer in 2010:

After Steny Hoyer’s shameful performance in pushing the FISA bill through the House [which just sailed through the cloture vote in the Senate –IS], there’s been talk about putting up a primary challenge to him in 2010. Even if it’s only a protest candidacy, it might at least register the outrage many Democrats feel about their party’s leadership giving in to Republicans’ demands to let telecom companies break the law, and then turning around and portraying it as a victory for Democrats. It was infuriating enough when Democrats were in the minority, but to see Hoyer, et al, do the same thing as the majority party is almost inexplicable.

But is a primary challenge the best way to hold Hoyer accountable?

Interesting to see the Democrats also considering more “eating their own” tactics, much the same way that Maryland has been saddled with one Congressional extremist, Donna Edwards, this month already. I can’t see a scenario where any serious Democrat will challenge the House Majority Leader while it still looks like Democrats will retain both Houses of Congress, but it’ll be interesting to see how much play the idea gets.

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