Name that Troll!

If you’ve been paying any attention to doings over here at RedMaryland, you’ve noticed that we’ve got ourselves a little troll frequent commenter named “A Life Well Lived” who spouts off whatever the Democratic talking points of the day are. Some of the regulars here at RM discussed some things related to this commenter and we all were trying to figure who in the world it possibly could be.

Well, what better way to spread the sunshine than to play Name that Troll, where our readers try and guess who “ALWL” could possibly be. And here are the most likely contenders:

David Paulson Maryland Democratic Party Spokesman: The most logical choice is Paulson. Take look at some of the writings of Paulson and the comments made by ALWL and it almost seems like the same person is writing both of them. True, a lot of this could be from whatever the Democratic talking points are on that issue for that day, but let’s face it: Paulson’s job is to try and make the Democratic Party look competent, a yeoman’s job on any day. He may need to go for whatever resources he has at his disposal to try and get that message out there.

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Quincey Gamble Executive Director, Maryland Democratic Party: Gamble is a long-time union activist, and recently took over as Executive Director of the Dems. ALWL is always on Democratic message, an what better source to get those talking points than to be the source. ALWL also got very indignant when I accidentally misidentified Michael Cryor as Executive Director and not Chairman. Perhaps ALWL didn’t like the slight….

Ryan O’Doherty Director of Policy and Communications, Office of the Baltimore City Council President: Would you put it past the former O’Malley operative outed as MD4Bush to try and get away with it once again? True, under that ruse O’Doherty posed as a Republican to try and coax information out of Steffen, but O’Doherty has shown before that he will go to great lengths in order to discredit the Republican Party and its leaders.

Joe Albero Muckraker and Factually Challenged Blogger: Do I think that Albero would go incognito as a liberal in order to cause trouble at RedMaryland? Absolutely. Do I think he has enough time to do it when he’s not chasing ambulances and fighting peace orders and indictments? Probably not. Does the fact that ALWL can write in logical sentences probably eliminate Albero? Yes.

Andrew Kujan Urban Liberal Blogger: Kujan has been under the radar recently, but his one recent post has been about Energy Deruglation, a pet peeve of ALWL. Very unlikely that it is him, however, since Kujan always has the stones to post his words under his own name.

Rick Abbruzzese
Director of Communications, Office of the Governor: He’s the Governor’s right-hand man on Communication issues. And when the Governor gets beaten up in the press, it’s his job to fix it. And since most of the press rolls over and dies for O’Malley, where else is Abbruzzese going to keep his claws sharp than by trying to take on the writers and readers over here?

James King Republican Member of the House of Delegates: The concept of King as ALWL almost makes too much sense for him not to be ALWL. Let’s see. He hates bloggers, particularly the ones at RedMaryland. He has no backbone when it comes to standing up for Republican principles. He used shameful, anonymous attacks during the 2006 primary election. And he always is the go-to Republican for coming to Governor O’Malley’s defense. So it makes perfect sense for King to be the one to come here riding to the Governor’s defense since it helps out his political careers and Democratic business at his restaurant so much….

People I don’t think are ALWL: Governor O’Malley, Steve Larsen, Isaac Smith, Paul Foer, Eric Luedtke, Steve Lebowitz

Can you think of anybody else our little troll could be?

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