More Fruit Of One-Party Rule In Maryland

Unfree State

It’s ironic that the Democratic Party’s beloved presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama preaches that America should put race behind us, while his party makes race and racial set asides one of its top priorities.

Here are a three more set-aside laws passed this legislative session by the one-party Democratic rulers of Maryland, the Unfree State.

HB 628 — Requiring applicants for financial assistance from specified environmental funds to demonstrate, to the satisfaction of the Department of the Environment, that specified steps were taken to include small business enterprises, minority business enterprises, and women’s business enterprises; etc.

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HB 941 — Extending through a specified date the authority of the Maryland- National Capital Park and Planning Commission to establish and administer a Minority Business Enterprise Utilization Program for the award of contracts for goods, services, and construction under specified circumstances.

HB 1156 — Authorizing the Commissioner of Labor and Industry to collect specified employee data; authorizing the Commissioner to analyze specified records to study pay disparity issues; requiring the Commissioner to provide a specified report to the General Assembly; and terminating the Act at the end of December 31, 2013.

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