MML & MACO spell E X P E N S I V E for taxpayers.

Politico & government-types do their hard work in this week at the Maryland Municipal League meetings… the poor dears have to suffer in Ocean City during the peak of the summer tourist season. One wonders why these dedicated Public Servants, and their County counterparts at the Maryland Association of Counties (MACO), just happen to choose this expensive time of the year to frolic downey ocean. Certainly they could save their taxpayers some money by scheduling these meetings in the off-season when things are cheaper. But who wants to go to OC when it’s cold and many attractions are closed? That’s no fun. Scrimping and saving and traveling off-season is for the great unwashed masses, the taxpayers, who are footing the bill for this weeks festivities. Actually- corporate sponsors are also paying for the parties, but I’m sure there is no lobbying going on and these events are strictly for fun, not for influence.

How come when I go to OC nobody throws me a party?