McCain: My Free Trade Policies Will Cost Jobs

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During recent speeches outlining his plan to fix the country’s economic woes, Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain has been giving his Democratic opponent Sen. Barack Obama ample ammunition to use against him as the campaign heats up.

As McCain tries to convince his audiences that an expansion of free trade to impoverished nations in Central America will be good for the world economy over the long haul, he freely admits his policies will mean a loss of American jobs.

“Change is hard, and while most of us gain, some industries, companies and workers are left to struggle with very difficult choices,” McCain said, during a recent speech. “And government should help workers get education and training they need — for new jobs that will be created by new businesses in this new century,” he added.

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It’s unlikely that this kind of rhetoric will resonate with American’s former Reagan Democrats, which votes McCain desperately needs. In fact, such pronouncements will only strengthen Obama’s strategy of comparing McCain to President George W. Bush, who also pushed such free trade policies.

What do you think? Will McCain’s free trade policies help him — or hurt him.

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