Maryland, Take Note

A Coral Gables Florida mother saved her daughter from potential harm earlier this month after she flashed her 9mm handgun at a would-be attacker. The unidentified mother said that her 16 year old daughter was walking her dog when Ramon del Risco tried to force her into his truck. Luckily, the teenager escaped to a nearby school where she called 911 and her mother. Mom arrived first and flashed her weapon causing the perpetrator to flee. Police later arrested him.

Apparently, the mother has taken advantage of a Florida law that allows their law abiding citizens to conceal firearms. If she hadn’t been carrying her weapon that day, the attacker probably could’ve overpowered his vulnerable victim and forced her into his vehicle. After that, her life would’ve hung in this pedophiles’ hands.

While Florida recognizes the obvious benefits of concealed carry, Maryland continues down a naive and dangerous path. If a similar scenario played out within this state, honest citizens would be powerless to defend themselves, their family or their property. After all, would be criminals aren’t going to take the time and effort to apply through the arbitrary and arduous process required by Maryland State Police. Instead, they are going to pack their weapons and proceed with their crimes. Only honest citizens are deterred by strict handgun laws. As a result, these same people often become the victims.

It’s time for Maryland to wake up and issue handgun permits to deserving individuals. As it stands now, only a select few can adequately protect themselves against potential harm. In the end, this bad public policy only creates a safe haven for those that’ll prey on unsuspecting persons.

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