Mark Newgent is Going to Jail

Uber-Liberals in the House of Representatives want to arrest you. And by you I mean crazy Mark Newgent and his anti-global-warming-hysteria-campaign. Sure, I agree with most of you that a little time in the slammer would do ol’ Newgy a little good, especially if it is one of those Federal Prisons where if the other prisoners are “Gay for the Stay”, it is an added gift by the Department of Corrections for you making a decision to break the law (unless your into that kind of thing). But the problem is Mark Newgent isn’t breaking the law, he’s only disagreeing with what the ultra-liberals believe.

That’s right, the global warming hysteria has gotten so bad, that the thought police in the House of Representatives have decided that if you do not believe in it, and believe that it is the most dangerous thing to happen to our existence and implement policies to reverse it, then you are should go to jail. How else can you explain the inclusion in the articles of impeachment against President Bush filed by Democrat Dennis Kucinich that stated amongst the charges against Bush “undermining efforts to address global warming.”

We all know that Newgent has easily undermined efforts to address it. Heck, if it wasn’t for his constant rants about how damaging these global-warming bills are to the economy, I’d be driving a hybrid, recycling and using compact fluorescent light bulbs powered by a wind turbine and solar panel in my back yard. But Mark Newgent has shown me the incandescent light. With the great information presented about how much the Cap and Trade legislation pushed in Congress would cost Maryland families in new energy costs, lost jobs, or higher gas prices.

Now I am all for President George W. Bush to be impeached by the House and tried by the Senate… as long as he committed a crime. To say that because he disagreed with the left, he should be impeached is another example of the left attempting to turn this country into a fascist state that if you don’t agree with the Government you should be jailed.

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Sure Mark Newgent is crazy. But it is not because he doesn’t believe that Global Warming is dramatically affected by man. It is because at night he dresses up like a clown and attempts to fit himself into the engine compartment of a Volkswagen Beatle. Send him to jail because of that, not because of Global Warming.

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