Marginalized In Maryland

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Even though Maryland still has a solid moral and political consensus among the majority of its citizens, who dislike and disagree with all that big government brings, one-party rule has neutralized the majority’s influence and power through systematic marginalization.

Marginalization is a method by which the national and state political, academic and media elite join forces to override the moral and political consensus of the majority by using their power and positions to push their agendas, which are almost always the opposite of the will of the people.

Such policies as unchecked illegal immigration, gay marriage, set-aside programs, higher taxes, legalized abortion, abolishing the death penalty and more state regulation are all policies that this national and state power structure embraces and pushes, despite poll after poll showing that the majority of Maryland citizens do not support such ideas.

The one-party rulers in Maryland do so by having the media embrace their policies and destroy their enemies. They do so by financing and promoting politicians who will legislate their policies — no matter how unpopular — and they do so by using their political surrogates to control the appointment of judges who interpret the law, according to their view of the world.

In addition to this, the shift in demographics has been strongly boosted by changes in U.S. and Maryland immigration policy and the unchecked influx of millions of illegal aliens. In the Unfree State, under one-party rule, illegals are given medical care, driver’s licenses and their advocacies are even funded by federal and state grants, which come out of the pockets of state taxpayers.

This despite the overwhelming majority of Marylanders being totally against such polices. When local governments in Frederick and Anne Arundel counties listen to the will of their citizens and try to stop the flow of illegals by taking it upon themselves to enforce immigration laws the state is ignoring, they are threatened with lawsuits and funding cuts. They are branded as “racists.”

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