Liberal Fascism Coming to Maryland

Actually the case could be made it is already here given the current occupant of the governor’s mansion.

However on Saturday June 28 at 3 PM, Jonah Goldberg, author of Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left from Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning will give a talk about the book at the Maryland Young Republican State Convention.

The convention will be held at Ropewalk Tavern, 1209 South Charles St. in Federal Hill, and runs from 12-4 PM. There will be workshops and a speaker from the McCain campaign as well.

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Come listen to Jonah refute a half century of slander against conservatives, and reveal the common intellectual DNA contemporary liberals share with their fascist relatives.

When Governor O’Malley speaks of “One Maryland,” whether he knows it or not, his rhetoric hearkens back to a disturbing intellectual heritage liberals wish to airbrush from history.

Fortunately Jonah has rescued that history from the memory hole and challenged liberals on their own intellectual turf.
See you on the 28th.

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