Kratovil Goes After Special Interest Money

While the story in this morning’s Daily Times might be filed under “Better Late Than Never”, we have to appreciate a few nuggets provided by Gannett’s local outpost. We all know that 1st District Democrat congressional candidate Frank Kratovil has been targeted by the DCCC. This means money and other support. What I found interesting was where he’s earning his money from.

To kick off the new relationship with the people who will rule over Kratovil IF he is elected, the DCCC put together a little soirée hosted by Patton Boggs. Patton Boggs is one of Washington’s largest lobbying shops.

I find it interesting that Kratovil criticizes his opponent, Maryland Sen. Andy Harris (R-7) for taking money from the Club for Growth. However, the Club for Growth’s money comes from small contributions given by citizens like me who support lower taxes and less economic regulation.

The money that Kratovil will be raising through the DCCC will be large contributions from lobbyist and special interest groups that want big government contracts or want a larger government to affect greater control over our lives.

I’m sure Frank will be telling us that he’s a man of the people.

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