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From Obama’s Mouth to Move-On’s Ears?

How hypocritical it seemed, Barak Obama bad-mouthing the “527” groups on the right, when he and his Democrat cohorts have been reaping the benefits of similar groups on the left for some time. Now there is word that (Soro’s) “Move-on.Org” group may shutter it’s 527 entity. Of course, while it looks like John McCain may keep his pledge to use public financing, Barak has backed out of his commitment. All those rich liberal Hollywood types mean he may have John McCain beat financially, so it is very convenient to forgo money he doesn’t need. While John had the guts to stay true to his straight-talk on the subject, Barak’s people can’t let that stand. So, they try to reclaim the moral high ground by distancing themselves from the 527’s. Very coincidentally, since groups like this are prohibited from working in cahoots with campaigns, Move-On releases this…

See the Cross-post at Maryland Chesapeake Blog for the skinny…

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