Ehrlich Says O’Malley’s Supporters Should Worry About Franchot

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Former Republican governor Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. said that state Comptroller Peter Franchot seems to be presenting himself as a moderate, implying it was an attempt by Franchot to curry favor with more Maryland voters, and that supporters of Gov. Martin O’Malley should worry about Franchot as possible challenger in the Democratic primary.

Ehrlich made the comments on his and his wife, Kendal’s, Saturday morning show on WBAL radio in response to an article posted on Unfree State, which asserts that Franchot is busy positioning himself for a run against the currently unpopular O’Malley.

Ehrlich, who many are speculating may enter the race, also told Unfree State, which was a guest on the show, that one-party rule in the state — no matter which party — leads to a culture of corruption.

Although currently out of office, Ehrlich has proved to be a faithful stalwart for the state’s beleaguered Republican Party, supporting its candidates and helping the party raise money. And while the state’s major liberal media outlets appear to be trying to minimize his chances for a political rebound, they shamelessly attack him on a personal basis, making it appear that they are, in fact, worried Ehrlich may indeed take back the State House in 2010.

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When asked about this blatantly unfair treatment from major newspaper columnists, Ehrlich only said that he expected it, and that it was the price he paid for being a challenger.

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