Does Maryland Need More “Campaign Finance Reform”?

Today’s Baltimore Sun discusses various loopholes used to get around Maryland’s ridiculous campaign finance laws. The problem is not more regulation, but scrapping the current system entirely.

One option is to adopt a system like Virginia’s. While there are potential issues with allowing unlimited contributions, the system is able to function well thanks to groups like VPAP, which provide the public and media with up to date records of every contributor and campaign.

The best possible solution is to allow unlimited contributions, but only allow individuals to contribute. No corporations, no unions, no PAC’s.

As an added bonus, require campaigns to report weekly (instead of quarterly) through a non-governmental group such as VPAP. Electronic reporting would speed things up, and the need for open government is met.

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Of course such a simple plan would NEVER be adopted, particularly in the People’s Republic of Maryland. Eliminating the need for government jobs is a strict no-no. Unions and corporations fill the coffers of officeholders (particularly the Democrat majority).

You wouldn’t expect our elected officials to actually do something that was in the best interest of the citizens. Would you?

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