Dixon Supporter Introduces Race Card

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The dust hasn’t yet settled in front of Baltimore City Mayor Sheila Dixon’s house, which was raided yesterday by state prosecutors in an ongoing investigation of buying practices at City Hall — and already charges of a Republican witch hunt and possible racism are being churned out by the Dixon defense machine.

While Dixon has not been formally charged with any wrong doing, it is the duty of the state prosecutor’s office to scrutinize any pubic dealings that could be improper, but many elected Baltimore officials don’t seem to think so.

In an interview with the Sun, Baltimore, Democratic state Del. Curtis S. Anderson said there may be a double standard in the investigation because of Dixon’s sex and race.

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“If it were William Donald Schaefer or Martin O’Malley, we wouldn’t be dealing with any of this stuff,” Anderson told the Sun. “The investigation they have alleged amounts to nothing more than what mayors in the past have done with regard to getting people hired. Baltimore City had been a patronage capital for many, many years. All of a sudden, this is a major story, this is something you want to indict someone for?” he added.

The Sun adds that unnamed sources charge that the Democratic mayor is being singled out by a prosecutor appointed by former Republican Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr., who would benefit from the investigation, if he decided to run against Gov. Martin O’Malley, who was and is Dixon’s mentor.

No detractors

After the raid of Dixon’s home yesterday, the media appeared unable — or didn’t try hard enough — to find just one elected official who would say the state prosecutor was performing his lawful duties.

Instead, we were treated to such phrases and “they should just leave her alone, and let her do her job.” Or, “this is a witch hunt.”

So while the people of the Unfree State can only hope state and federal prosecutors will be allowed to do their jobs, the elected officials seem hell bent on defending Dixon even before she is formally charged!

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