Deflect Deflect Deflect

Maryland State Democratic Party Chairman Michael Cryor seems to think that the biggest bad guy in the Ulysses Currie scandal is not Currie, but of course the Republicans:

But Cryor implores Marylanders “to reserve judgment on any man or woman with such a track record until all the facts are in and the scrutiny has run its course.”

“This is not a time for the Republican Party or anyone else to use vague and uncertain events as a smear tactic to score political points,” he continued. “That is especially true of an organization where multiple scandals involving its members have recently run their course. One would think that such a group would exercise a little restraint before making broad assumptions and issuing accusations for the sake of political gain.”

I find it humorous that the Democrats would be put off by statements and comments that are rather tame to the disgraceful, vitriolic things that they have spouted off about President Bush, Governor Ehrlich, and others. What’s even worse about Cryor’s statement is the fact that he tries to deflect blame to Republicans after it became public knowledge that Currie violated ethics rules in filing his disclosure statements.

Maryland Democrats will do anything to protect the Culture of Corruption they have cultivated for themselves…


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