Court Ruling Won’t Let DC Residents Buy Guns In MD

Unfree State

While Second Amendment supporters are celebrating today’s Supreme Court’s decision finding DC’s handgun control laws unconstitutional, it will still not allow law abiding citizens living in the nation’s capital to buy a handgun in Maryland.

According to the Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog, despite the decision, transporting firearms across state lines still breaks federal law. So to obtain a firearm legally, a DC resident must first drive to Maryland, go through the required background check and waiting period — then could only legally take possession of the firearm when it was shipped back to a federally licensed store in DC, which do not currently exist!

So, it will be sometime before the effects of the Supreme Court decision will enable DC citizens to lawfully exercise their Second Amendment rights to protect their life, liberty and property with a firearm.

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This is outrageous and certainly a blow to self defense for DC residents. What do you think?

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