Councilwoman Wants To Track All Maryland Children

Unfree State

Baltimore City once again proved its elected officials are big believers in government intrusion into its citizens’ private lives when Democratic Councilwoman Belinda Conaway requested state legislators introduce a new bill that would track all Maryland children from birth until age 21.

Conaway wants lawmakers during the upcoming session to create a “centralized community and governmental resource that would allow for the collection and integration of Maryland-born children’s evolving data and would help share the children’s information among schools, after-school programs, social service agencies, and medical providers.”

Of course, she is packaging this “Unfree State ” database collection under the guise of increasing “positive outcomes for Maryland’s youth.”

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Hey, I’ve got a much better idea. Why not let us take care of our own children’s records and positive outcomes? I know this may come as an alien concept to those sitting on the Council, but it’s one that goes back about 10,000 years.

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