Chalk One Up For the Good Guys

It appears that Tony Hopkins Jr of Pasadena works hard to sport a nice car. He owns a white Dodge Charger with custom doors. The car has four TVs , exterior speakers mounted on the rear and 24-inch rims. On Thursday night, three useless thugs pointed a gun at Hopkins and demanded his car. Hopkins responded by punching one of the suspects and taking the gun from him.

Gee, I wonder how long it took one of the perpetrators (Ashley Cully, Darryl Z. Moore, or Rico D. Thomas) of this crime to receive permission from Maryland State Police so they could have the opportunity to conceal their gun prior to committing this crime? After all, I am certain one of them had their concealed carry permit whereas they surely knew the consequences of packing otherwise.

Sarcasm aside, Tony Hopkins got lucky. Normally, a punch will not disarm a gun wielding subject. A similar caliber firearm, on the other hand, will allow a potential victim at least a shot at survival. Still, in cases such as this, thieves are not contend simply stealing a car. Nowadays, the true trill comes after shotting an innocent citizen. And sadly, these thugs know they will not have to pay with their own life should their victim perish.

Maryland legislators can pretend we are safer without law abiding citizens carrying firearms. Of course, they’ll conveniently ignore the increasing number of armed robberies reported in the police press releases daily. Perhaps if these creatures suspected their victims were armed, they’d find a new hobby. Of course, as it stands now, they know the only ones bold enough to carry are gangsters such as themselves.

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