Bobby & Kendal, Times 2!


For a brief moment, one could almost “Believe” that the Republicans were once more reigning in the State Capital.

Hundreds of the Grand Old Party faithful came out to St. John’s College’s Francis Scott Key Auditorium to honor the former Governor and First Lady, on the occasion of the unveiling of their official portraits. While normally they are unveiled at quite smaller gatherings at Government House and the State House, renovations at the latter location moved the festivities to the College, where a much bigger crowd could participate.

Many of the old guard were there, from some Ehrlich Cabinet Secretaries to other members of the former Administration, both officials and worker-bees. Yes, there were even some Democrats in the room, though they were perhaps in the minority (When are they a minority in Annapolis?). It was said that Senate President Mike Miller, Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown, former Anne Arundel County Executive Janet Owens, Former Governor Marvin Mandel, Judge Catherine O’Malley, and even her husband, were seen. It must have been hard for that last guy to stomach who was chosen to be the emcee for the evening… none other than “The Commish”, Ed Norris! There was at least one more Democrat. The artist who painted Bob Ehrlich’s official portrait is a registered Dem who still supports Bobby, in fact they went to elementary school together!

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While their may be trepidation in the GOP ranks about the future nationally, as well as here in Maryland, for a few hours… “happy days were here again”!

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