Better to Be in the Wilderness

Eric Earling argues in The Next Right that, as conservative Republicans, we need to start challenging MORE GOP incumbents. He’s right, but he disappointingly hedges:

The process of truly remaking the GOP into a party that the grassroots can be proud of again requires a step that was more complicated in 2006 when there was still a majority to worry about: cheering the electoral confrontation of Republican Members of Congress currently doing more harm than good to the conservative cause.

There lies the problem. Too many Republicans, who claimed to be conservatives, worried more about protecting a majority than in electing principled candidates who shared our common beliefs.

It may be years before we can again persuade the American people to put Republicans back in charge. The party’s congressional leadership can’t be trusted to uphold the principles that brought the GOP to a national majority. As long we allow the current leadership to remain in place, it is foolish to expect the American people to put the GOP back in charge.

This means that WHEN the GOP holds a congressional majority, it is not time to stop challenging unprincipled members simply because they were elected on the Republican line.

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Earling points to Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as an example. He is correct. However, note that Palin came to power by fighting elected officials within her own party. She wasn’t content to fight only Democrats. Palin fought on principle against opponents of both parties.

The solution is simple but tough. Unprincipled holdovers like Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) and Rep. Roy Blunt (R-MO) need to be chucked from the leadership and replaced with men like Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN). Members of the appropriating class need to be replaced with members who believe in limited government, not bacon paid for with tax dollars.

That’s the simple part. The tough part comes when the GOP holds a majority. Some of those same people we thought so principled when we were in the minority will have their heads turned by their newfound power. To the back benches they should go. Primary opponents should be found if necessary.

If not, my party is no better than the one which we oppose.

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